Three Reasons a Man Should Have a Hero Item

I love RPGs. Great stories, long game plays, immersive worlds; you name it, role-playing games usually have it. For this article, I want to focus on a key feature many of these games have: the Hero Item(s) for, well, your hero. Continue reading “Three Reasons a Man Should Have a Hero Item”

Can Confidence be Trained?

Let me start this with a trivia: I’m introverted. Anyone who has known me for the past few years will beg to disagree, and I expect no less of them. The truth is, the confidence I’m grateful to have now is a never-ending journey – all by design.

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Why I’m Not Making Resolutions This Year

Resolutions. They suck. I looked at my list of ‘resolutions’ from the past year and found that just a little more than half of the boxes were ticked. Why are resolutions so hard to keep? Why do we get so excited about them only to fail miserably – sometimes, in under a month? Why do they not work?

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