Are Niche Brands Asking the Right Questions?

I spent the past couple of weeks working on “niche brands”, and it had me thinking: why do some niche players do well (i.e. growth and profit) and why do some end up dead in the water? The more I thought about it, the more a hiking outfitter I am a patron of came to my mind. Continue reading “Are Niche Brands Asking the Right Questions?”

Three Questions Every Young Leader Needs to Answer Today

It’s quite the workforce we’re in now, my generation. Billionaires under the age of 30 seem to pop up every few months or so. Tech moguls look barely out of grad school. And for many of us average guys, in leadership positions – managing people – by the time we hit our mid-twenties. Continue reading “Three Questions Every Young Leader Needs to Answer Today”

Three Reasons a Man Should Have a Hero Item

I love RPGs. Great stories, long game plays, immersive worlds; you name it, role-playing games usually have it. For this article, I want to focus on a key feature many of these games have: the Hero Item(s) for, well, your hero. Continue reading “Three Reasons a Man Should Have a Hero Item”

Can Confidence be Trained?

Let me start this with a trivia: I’m introverted. Anyone who has known me for the past few years will beg to disagree, and I expect no less of them. The truth is, the confidence I’m grateful to have now is a never-ending journey – all by design.

Continue reading “Can Confidence be Trained?”

Why I’m Not Making Resolutions This Year

Resolutions. They suck. I looked at my list of ‘resolutions’ from the past year and found that just a little more than half of the boxes were ticked. Why are resolutions so hard to keep? Why do we get so excited about them only to fail miserably – sometimes, in under a month? Why do they not work?

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