Speaking Engagements


“Content Strategy 101”
Lazada Digital Marketing School (2020/06)

“People Management in a Post-Pandemic World”
Bounce Back Philippines (2020/06)

“How to Win with Social Media: A 101 Class”
PSB Online Learning (2020/05)

“Integrating Video Across the Marketing Funnel”
Digital Marketing in a BLINK (2020/03)

“Built to Function: A Journey to Build a Body that’s Ready for Anything”
Amway Philippines (2020/02)

“Data-driven Storytelling”
Digital Marketing in a BLINK (2020/02)

“How to Win with Strategy”
Ateneo Junior Marketing Association Marketing Camp (2020/02)

“How to Build a Memorable Brand”
Ateneo Junior Marketing Association Brand Camp (2020/01)

“Social Media for Life Education”
Free and Rich Revolution (2020/01)


“How to Make a Winning Business Pitch”
Fatima University JEBC Summit (2019/10)

“Social Marketing Strategy 101”
Ateneo de Manila University (2019/09)

“What Brands Should Know About Being Agile”
IMMAP 2019 GMM (2019/08)

“Connecting through Emotions and Emotional Storytelling”
Digital Marketing in a BLINK (2019/08)

“How Restaurants can Win on Digital in 2020”
Zomato Future of Food (2019/08)

“Truths and Provocations about Healthcare”
Philippine College of Pharmaceutical Medicine (2019/08)

“Unpack Your MVB: Find and Nurture Your Most Valuable Brand”
Thomson Reuters Content Unconference (2019/08)

“How to Create an Effective and Efficient Social Marketing Plan”
Business Campus Immersive Learning (2019/08)

“How to Win with Video”
Digital Marketing in a BLINK (2019/08)

“How to Win with Content”
Digital Marketing Leaders by Eventbank (2019/07)

“Getting Through: Communicating to the Most Connected Generation Ever”
Reedley International School (2019/07)

“Getting Started with Branding on Social”
Philippine Marketing Association GMM (2019/07)

“Your Best (Digital) Foot Forward”
Enderun Success Series 2019 (2019/06)

“Five Things I Learned Selling Stuff to People”
2nd One La Salle Alumni Congress (2019/06)

“Hack Your Social Content: Crafting a Social Content Strategy”
LAPIS KomuniKamp (2019/06)

“Crafting the Digital Marketing Playbook”
Ex-Link Events Digital Marketing Playbook (2019/05)

“How to Put Your Best Foot Forward on Social Media”
GMA DramaCon (2019/05)

“The Human Experience and the Power of Emotion”
4th Customer Experience Conference Manila (2019/05)

“The Truth About Influencer Marketing”
IMMAP GMM (2019/05)

“The Relationship between Brands and Influencers”
Enderun Colleges (2019/05)

“How to Develop Your Most Valuable Asset: You”
PARIMA Conference Manila (2019/05)

“How to Win on Digital (for Pharmaceutical Brands)”
UNILAB International Marketing Summit (2019/05)

“How Social Helps Brands and Entrepreneurs”
Junior Economics Society (2019/03)

“Crafting a Digital Marketing Roadmap”
Top Realty (2019/03)

“Effective Communication on Digital”
PUP Graduate School (2019/03)

“How to Win with Influence”
Ateneo Graduate School of Business (2019/03)

“How to Make (Video) Content that Moves People”
Digital Marketing in a BLINK (2019/03)

“In Creativity, We Trust”
UP Young Entrepreneurs Society (2019/02)

“Reaching the Always-on Consumer with Truth and Meaning”
Philippine Junior Marketing Association (2019/01)

“The Art and Science of Identifying a Brand’s Target Market”
Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (2019/01)


“Applying Analytics to Social Marketing Campaigns”
AIM, Master of Science in Data Science Program (2018/11)

“The Truth About 2019 Digital Trends”
Aboitiz A-volution Conference (2018/11)

“Content for Leads: How the Right Content Saves You Money and Time”
Social Media for Lead Generation (2018/10)

“Social Media and Crisis Management”
Mabuhay Miles (2018/10)

“Customer Service in a Digital World”
National Retail Conference and Stores Asia Expo (2018/08)

“The Truth About Video: Volume 2”
Digital Marketing in a BLINK (2018/08)

“Behind Every Success is a Powder Keg of a Truth”
DLSU AdCreate (2018/08)

“Digital Innovation for 2019 in the Finance and Investment Industry and Category”
Insular ISIP (2018/07)

“How to Win in 2019: Digital and Retail
Amplify: Primer Group Annual Conference (2018/07)

“Finding Your Place as a Brand”
Insular Life Philippines (2018/05)

“The Truth About Content: Three Insights for Great Content”
Chamber of Young Business Leaders, Bulacan State University (2018/05)

“Social Media 101: The Social Marketing Playbook”
CARA Welfare Philippines (2018/04)

“From Ads to Storytelling”
Blogopolis 2018 (2018/04)

“Using Video to Increase Customer Engagement”
Digital Marketing in a BLINK (2018/03)

“Going Global and How to be a Global Filipino Brand”
CONDURA Influencers Summit (2018/03)

“Where and How: Two Questions Every Marketer Should Answer”
Hanyang University and ADB (2018/02)

“The Truth About Branding: NGOs and Social Enterprises”
Peace and Equity Foundation, Inc. (2018/02)


“Inside Advertising and Ad Agencies”
DLSU AdCreate Society (2017/12)

“The Truth About Content and Content Marketing”
UST Junior Marketing Association ATHOMIC (2017/11)

“The Business-Agency-Influencer Relationship”
Blogapalooza: Generation D (2017/11)

“The Truth About Winning Content Strategies”
CDM x EO Summit: Disruptive Marketing Trends (2017/10)

“The Truth About Financial Literacy on Social”
Knowledge Community and PRUDENCE (2017/10)

“Making the Most of Facebook Fan Pages”
Facebook Fellows Program (2017/10)

“Business to Millennials: The New Truths of Marketing to Millennials”
Tetrapak Customer Innovation Seminar (2017/10)

“Digital for Sales”
ALVEO Digital Marketing Program (2017/09)

“The Truth About Online Selling”
Amaia Land Level Up Program (2017/08)

“The Art and Science of Social Listening”
Ateneo de Manila Business Resource Center (2017/07)

“The Language of Digital”
Manila Broadcasting Company (2017/06)

“Disruption in the Media Industry”
Manila Broadcasting Company (2017/06)

“Building a Social Marketing Strategy”
Writer’s Block Philippines (2017/06)

“Keeping up with Millennials: Hiring, Managing, and Engaging Millennials in the Workplace”
Sprout Solutions (2017/05)

“Five Questions Business Owners Need to Answer”
Acceler8 Philippines (2017/03)

“Advertising and Technopreneurs”
Entrepreneurship Educators Association of the Philippines (2017/02)

“Lessons After Graduation”
DLSU iPERSEF (2017/02)


“Finding Your Space on Social Media”
Nescafe Kapihan Krew (2016/12)

“Social Media Crisis: How to Manage and Ways to Avoid”
Writer’s Block Philippines (2016/10)

“Truth in Advertising: Inside a Digital Agency”
UST CFAD and 4As (2016/09)

“Digital Retail Management: Introduction to Social Marketing
Globe Telecom (2016/09)

“The Power of Communities on Social Media”
Kapamilya Digital Summit (2016/09)

“Wired 2.0: Social Media Engagement and Planning”
Writer’s Block Philippines (2016/08)

“Introduction to Marketing in the Mobile Age”
Zomato Philippines (2016/07)

“Content Creation in the Mobile Age”
Philippine Association of National Advertisers (2016/03)

“Digital Marketing for Young Professionals”
PLDT Student Camp (2016/06)

“Expert Insights: Digital Marketing Trends from the Two Millennial Groups”
Miriam College Junior Marketing Association (2016/04)


“Optimising Social Media”
Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (2015/11)

“How Traditional Radio can Make the Most out of Social Media”
Manila Broadcasting Company (2015/10)

“Reaching the Youth through Social Media”
UP Los Baños (2015/10)

“Fundamentals of Social Media for Communicating Ideas”
Batangas State University (2015/10)

“Professional and Personal Etiquette on Social Media”
AME Professional Pocket Seminar and FEU Makati (2015/10)

“A Career in Social Marketing”
UP AdCore (2015/08)

“Social Marketing Fundamentals: Facebook Marketing”
Bases Conversion and Development Authority (2015/08)

“Social Media and Content for Radio Shows”
EnergyFM (2015/07)

“Social Media in Finding Career Opportunities”
UP AdCore (2015/05)

“Collaborative Storytelling on Social Media”
The Mind Museum ASPAC (2015/04)

“Social Media for the Food and Beverage Industry”
Philippine Association of National Advertisers (2015/04)

“Emerging Careers in Digital Advertising”
Philippine Association of National Advertisers (2015/03)

“How to Make and Effective Social Media Campaign”
Philippine Information Agency – NCR (2015/03)

“Social Media for Radio, and Crisis Management”
Manila Broadcasting Company (2015/02)

“Touchpoints: Digital Marketing”
Ateneo ACTM (2015/02)

“Social Media Marketing for 2015”
IIDM Certified Digital Marketer Program (2015/02)

“PUP Ad Congress: Digital Marketing”
PUP Department of Marketing (2015/02)

“Advertising Trends in the Philippines”
De La Salle Lipa (2015/01)


“Social Media for SMEs”
DLSU College of Business RVR (2014/10)

“Social Media Marketing for Businesses”
Digital Marketing in a BLINK (2014/10)

“Social Media for SMEs”
Red Turnip and Philippine Airlines (2014/10)

“Digital Day”
Nescafe Philippines / Nestle (2014/10)

“The Digital Workforce: Innovations in Marketing”
Adamson University (2014/19)

“Basic Social Marketing Principles Learned from Brands”
Unilever and the Municipality of Carmona, Cavite (2014/09)

“AJMA Week: Marketing Matters”
Ateneo Junior Marketing Association (2014/09)

“An Introduction to Social Listening”
Bradford University Makati (2014/08)

“The Future of Social Interaction”
DLSU Science and Technology Complex (2014/08)

“Juan Big Idea: South Luzon”
Philippine Junior Marketing Association (2014/08)

“Online Community Management”
UNILAB Social Media Summit (2014/06)

“Digital Marketing and the Television Industry”
iACADEMY (2014/06)

“Technology in Banking”
Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (2014/05)

“Building a Community on Social Media”
Blogapalooza (2014/05)

“How to Land a Social Media Job”
iACADEMY School of Continuing Education (2014/03)

“Social Media Marketing”
Philippine Association of National Advertisers (2014/03)

“The Digital Age”
Southville International School (2014/02)

“Fashion and Digital Marketing 2.0”
Philippine Retailers Association (2014/02)

“Marketing Trends and Issues”
Polytechnic University of the Philippines (2014/02)

“Catching the Technology Wave in Marketing”
De La Salle Lipa Marketing Association (2014/02)

“Insight Generation, Branding, PR, and Social Media”
UP AdCore (2014/01)


“Social Media for Bloggers”
Blogapalooza (2013/11)

“Customer Loyalty on Social Media”
Customer Loyalty Conference and Expo (2013/10)

“Digital Trends and Technology”
Adamson Junior Marketing Association (2013/10)

“Latest Trends in Marketing Careers”
New Era Junior Marketing Association (2013/09)

“Community Management Done Right”
UP School of Business (2013/08)

“Juan Big Idea: North Luzon”
Philippine Junior Marketing Association (2013/08)

“Social Branding: Realising its Power in the Digital Age”
Adamson University (2013/07)

“Human Nature and Community Management”
DLSU Graduate School of Business (2013/07)

“Community Management Best Cases”
DLSU Graduate School of Business (2013/06)

“Blogging and Social Thought-Leadership”
iBlog 9 Philippine Blogging Summit (2013/05)

“Your Degree and Your Career”
DLSU American Studies Organisation (2013/03)

“Social Media and Advertising”
ABS-CBN Pinoy Media Congress (2013/03)

“Are You Being Safe on Social Media?”
Manila Social Media Day (2013/03)

“How to Create a Social Marketing Plan”
DLSU JEMA (2013/02)

“Young Marketing Executives Conference”
Letran College (2013/02)

“Social Media Management as a Career”
De La Salle University (2013/02)

“Selling on Social Media”
Meridian International College (2013/02)

“Challenges and the Future of Digital Marketing”
Polytechnic University of the Philippines (2013/02)

“Is Social Listening Overrated?”
DLSU Graduate School of Business (2013/01)


“How to Create a Marketable Blog”
Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (2012/12)

“Best Practices on Facebook and Twitter”
Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (2012/11)

“Social Media and Advertising”
Filipino Bloggers Worldwide (2012/09)

International Events and Conferences

  • 2019
    • “Data-driven vs. Culture-Driving” (Opening Plenary), 45th Philippine Business Conference and Expo (2019/10)
    • “Digital and Travel: A Fireside Chat”, DigiCon 2018: LEAP (2019/10)
    • Moderator, IMMAP YouthCon, DigiCon 2019: LEAP (2019/10)
  • 2018
    • Moderator, IMMAP YouthCon, DigiCon 2018: The Experience Economy (2018/10)
    • “How to Win with Digital Marketing (in Just Two Steps)”, The Global Filipino Investor, Philippines (2018/04)
    • “All Guts, No Glory”, adFest 2018: Transformation, Thailand (2018/03)
  • 2017
    • “Bringing Ideas to Life in the Digital Age”, The Global Filipino Investor, Singapore (2017/11)
    • “Truth About Content Trends”, Content360, Marketing Interactive (2017/04)
  • 2016
    • “The Young Digital Workforce”, IMMAP DigiCon 2016 (2016/10)
  • 2013
    • “Social Media as a Game-changer and Transformer”, Malaysia Social Media Week (2013/02)
    • “Monetising through Social Media and Choosing the Right Business Platform”, Malaysia Social Media Week (2013/02)

Featured Articles and Publications

  • 2016
    • “Blogs, Communities, Connections, and Making Good Content”, Philippine Association of National Advertisers (2016/05)
    • “Instagram Stories and what the Update Represents for the Social Marketing Landscape”, LinkedIn (2016/08)
    • “The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media: 6 Points from the May 2016 Elections”, Digital Dose (2016/06)
    • “Facebook Live – An Interactive and Exciting Way to Connect with our Social Communities on Facebook”, Digital Dose (2016/06)
    • “The Making of Great Social Media Content”, Digital Dose (2016/05)
    • “Five Things Every Social Marketing Professional Needs to Keep in Mind from the Instagram Content Reorder Update”, LinkedIn (2016/03)
    • “Ten Social Marketing Predictions for 2016”, Philippine Daily Inquirer (2016/02)
  • 2014
    • “A Social Business”, The New Media (2014/08)
  • 2013
    • “New Study Sheds Light on Blogging Community”, Marketing Interactive (2013/01)
  • 2012
    • “Of the Few Rotten Tomatoes in the Basket”, Rappler (2012/11)


  • 2016
    • “Social Media and the Presidential Elections”, Eagle 25 (2016/05)
  • 2013
    • “Technology and the Elderly”, Reaksyon TV5 (2013/07)
    • “Elements of a Viral Video”, Reaksyon TV5 (2013/03)
    • “Food Porn on Social Media”, Reaksyon TV5 (2013/01)