An Important Question: What Message Are You Trying to Send to the World?

A local celebrity, if you can call him that, was ‘unveiled’ to the public not too long ago, to mixed reactions from the Internet. Why? Because he is now the result of the Cosmetic Surgery to End All Cosmetic Surgeries for Men. Here’s what I’m talking about.

While I generally ignore 99% of all celebrity-related issues in this country, I couldn’t let this pass. The kid’s transformation (if you clicked the link above), unfortunately, forgets the answer(s) to a very important question young men and women need to ask of themselves everyday. Continue reading →

How To: The Art of Deliberate Disconnection

The Internet and social media are obviously great. They help us find stuff in just a few clicks, or reconnect with old friends. But there is a very real risk of these two wonderful inventions taking over our lives – together with our relationships with others and personal productivity. How do we keep “connection addiction” under control? Continue reading →

Five Thoughts from Five Years in Advertising

It has been five years since I became an adman.

About one month before I put pen to paper, I was going through a mini “quarter life crisis”. I had very little resources, very little work experience (just 18 months at that point), and not many choices. I had just finished the Foreign Service Officer (FSO) Examinations – the toughest and most draining test I’ve ever taken – and with a pending application at Shell (the oil company), I would either be an anonymous researcher in the petroleum industry, or an agent of the government.

Neither one was particularly glamorous for someone barely out of school.

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