Everyone Needs an Ego Bucket

I’d like to believe that we’re all good at something. Some of us are even great at that something. It’s a source of good and positive confidence, self-belief, and even satisfaction to know this. But knowing we’re good/great at something also has a dark side: when it clouds our judgment and the ego takes over. Continue reading →

Jason Cruz adfest 2018

The Only Public Speaking Guide You Will Ever Need

Have you been asked to deliver a speech at an industry event? Have you been tasked to speak for your school or organisation at a conference? As a public speaker, I have made mistakes and learned a bagful of lessons over the years, and whether you’re a newbie at this or a weathered pro, I am sure you will find some of these tips super helpful. Continue reading →

The Truth About the Millennial Workplace

The workplace has changed. Across many industries, employee average ages are dropping; it’s estimated that by 2020 (less than three years from now), at least 50% of the global workforce will be made up of us – the Millennial generation.

In this changed landscape, how can organisations plan for the future that’s just around the corner? Continue reading →

Five Thoughts from Five Years in Advertising

It has been five years since I became an adman.

About one month before I put pen to paper, I was going through a mini “quarter life crisis”. I had very little resources, very little work experience (just 18 months at that point), and not many choices. I had just finished the Foreign Service Officer (FSO) Examinations – the toughest and most draining test I’ve ever taken – and with a pending application at Shell (the oil company), I would either be an anonymous researcher in the petroleum industry, or an agent of the government.

Neither one was particularly glamorous for someone barely out of school.

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