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Why Staying Where You Are is One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Career

One to two years. This is the new ‘normal’, it seems, when it comes to the length of time that people in my generation are staying in their jobs. While there are certain reasons (I can name three off the top of my head) why moving on after a year or two is “okay”, I disagree with the whole philosophy of it – and frankly, I think it’s going to damage an entire generation’s career development and progression.

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Everyone Needs an Ego Bucket

I’d like to believe that we’re all good at something. Some of us are even great at that something. It’s a source of good and positive confidence, self-belief, and even satisfaction to know this. But knowing we’re good/great at something also has a dark side: when it clouds our judgment and the ego takes over. Continue reading →

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The Only Public Speaking Guide You Will Ever Need

Have you been asked to deliver a speech at an industry event? Have you been tasked to speak for your school or organisation at a conference? As a public speaker, I have made mistakes and learned a bagful of lessons over the years, and whether you’re a newbie at this or a weathered pro, I am sure you will find some of these tips super helpful. Continue reading →

The Truth About the Millennial Workplace

The workplace has changed. Across many industries, employee average ages are dropping; it’s estimated that by 2020 (less than three years from now), at least 50% of the global workforce will be made up of us – the Millennial generation.

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Five Thoughts from Five Years in Advertising

It has been five years since I became an adman.

About one month before I put pen to paper, I was going through a mini “quarter life crisis”. I had very little resources, very little work experience (just 18 months at that point), and not many choices. I had just finished the Foreign Service Officer (FSO) Examinations – the toughest and most draining test I’ve ever taken – and with a pending application at Shell (the oil company), I would either be an anonymous researcher in the petroleum industry, or an agent of the government.

Neither one was particularly glamorous for someone barely out of school.

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